About the FWDF

What is the FWDF?

As anglers, hunters and trappers in Saskatchewan, you recognize that healthy and diverse wildlife populations are an indication of a healthy ecosystem. Your responsible conservation ethic and love of nature are making positive and vital contributions to the management and preservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat. The revenue (30 per cent) from all fur, angling and hunting licences you purchase, is used to manage, preserve and enhance fish and wildlife habitat.

The fund has identified three fish and wildlife management goals:

  • Maintain natural habitat through conservation, biodiversity, land management and awareness of rare species.
  • Maintain and grow sustainable fish populations and their habitat.
  • Maintain game populations and ensure accessible hunting.

You can also help support the sustainable management and use of fish and wildlife resources by:

  • supporting legislation that conserves wildlife habitat;
  • joining or supporting your local conservation group or wildlife federation;
  • planting shelterbelts (using native fruit-bearing species), protecting wetlands and sloughs, including their riparian areas; and
  • maintaining large or small natural areas.

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